Below are comments from pupils who I have taught to drive:-


"Would really recommend Dave.  I've known Dave since I was 4 years old and feels good to pass with him first time.  Dave is very patient and explains everything really well.  A great driving teacher.  Cheers Dave and best wishes." Joe

"Dave is a superb instructor and deserves every piece of praise he receives.  From the first until the last lesson I felt comfortable and confident in his tutoring, every lesson was enjoyable and a laugh.  You really can't ask for a nicer bloke and all round professional, thanks so much Dave" Jason

"Very reliable driving instructor and a great bloke.  Got me to pass first time easy!  Highly recommend Dave to anyone starting to drive." Owen


"Just passed my test today with Dave, would recommend him in a heart beat, he's the best driving instructor around and I wouldn't have passed today without him1 Thanks Dave" Robyn

"My daughter really enjoyed her lessons with you - would definately recommend you to anybody, especially any nervous learners out there!  SHe was really nervous prior to her first less, but that didn't last long.  Thanks again." Maria

''It’s been a pleasure passing my driving test with Dave Dickinson School of Motoring, Dave is a very calm and assertive professional who made me feel at ease from the first lesson. Thanks to Dave’s style of teaching I have always felt well prepared and never experienced any anxieties during my lessons and therefore the test. I found the prices to be very reasonable, and never felt that my money is being wasted. Dave structures his lessons very well, he teaches all the necessary fundamentals early in the programme and as soon as he believes you are ready, so by the time it came to my test there was nothing I did not feel comfortable with. I have passed my test in just over 10 months, only having 1 hour lessons a week.'' Shasha, Woodthorpe

"Decided to learn to drive at 40 and so happy I chose Dave!!! He is such a lovely guy, very patient, calm and informative. I was quite nervous at tests days but he always managed to point out the positives! (Took me 3 goes but got there with his help, passed on the 3rd) .Best thing about Dave is his lovely sense of humour, from the first day I felt at ease. He has a knack to combine humour, very detailed explanations and positive reinforcements. I will miss our weekly lessons. If you want top quality tuition then don't hesitate....Dave is the best!!!! Laetitia Newcombe

"I would like to say a huge thank you to Dave! He was recommended to me by my sister who passed first time 3 years ago. His patience and encouragement created a calm and relaxed environment that made it possible for me learn to drive at my own pace and not just pass my test. This is a valuable asset as I am now confident driving alone having only passed my test recently. Dave is a brilliant teacher who made learning to drive a fun experience. I will miss my lessons but am so proud that I passed first time! Thank you so much! 
Lessons“- Kat

"I just wanted to say thanks for giving matty his confidence back and enabling h to pass his test. I will use you for our younger son and will happily recommend you." -  Jane

"I can't recommend Dave highly enough.  He has helped me gain confidence and actually enjoy driving after previous negative experiences.  He is incredibly patient and tolerant and so easy to get on with.  I'm eternally grateful to him for getting me through my test!" Fiona, Holgate

"I just want to say a huge thank you to Dave for all your help and support over the last few years! I had some lessons about 6 years ago with a different driving instructor and gave up in the end as i was SO nervous and found the whole thing too stressful! When I decided to start again and picked dave to learn with i was so so nervous and i'm sure i have been a total nightmare at times with all my flapping!!! I never ever thought i would see the day i would pass my driving test!!! Dave is so calm, funny and probably the most patient person i have ever met!!! It made it a whole lot easier and the lessons were so enjoyable i use to look forward to them when before i use to dread them!!! I did my test a few days ago and managed to pass 1st time! I still can’t believe it! Dave really is the best driving instructor EVER!!!!!!" Hayley, York "Would definitely recommend Dave to anyone that is looking to take lessons! He is so patient, Calm, Reliable and VERY funny! He always makes the lessons fun and i felt really confident when Dave told me to book my test and i managed to pass first time! This has made a huge difference to my life so just want to thank you again Dave for everything!" Josh, York

''I would just like to say a big thank you to Dave for my driving instructor, who helped my build my confidence and gave me the skills to cope in different situations on the road.  He encouraged me, was always patient and calm.  Many hanks to Dave and I would certainly recommend him.'' Megan, York

 ''I really enjoyed my time with Dave, I started learning to drive with a different instructor and he made me lose faith in driving, until Dave was recommended to me by a friend.  It was the best decision I made to swap instructors as Dave gained my confidence in driving again.  I really would recommend him to any one starting to drive or wanting to change instructors.  I passed first time and that was all thanks to Dave.  I love driving my little Punto!'' Nikita, Woodthorpe

"A huge thank you to Dave Dickinson for helping me pass my driving test today first time with only 2 minors! He was recommended by a friend and I'm so glad I went with him. I always looked forward to my driving lesson as he made them enjoyable and always at ease. I will miss seeing Dave and having my lessons every week with him as he is patient, kind and caring and helped me  progress my driving ability, and he's the reason why I was able to pass first time with only 2 minors! I highly recommend Dave as a driving instructor and advise you to look no further because he is brilliant and will for sure help you to pass." Sophie, Acomb

"I cannot express how much a brilliant instructor David is. Because he is brilliant at what he does he helped me pass my test 1st time. He makes you feel at ease and you are guaranteed to have a fun lesson because of his sense of humour. I can't recommend him enough to anyone who wants to learn to drive. He is absolutely amazing and I'm so glad I chose to learn with him :)" Caroline, Acomb

"Dave is a brilliant driving instructor; calm, patient, friendly and funny. He helped me to gain confidence in driving and provided great tips along the way. Passed first time! Would recommend to everyone. Thanks Dave." Kirsty, Acomb 

"Had a few lessons with another instructor in 2013 but fell out of love with driving after a couple of months and gave up. Got back into it in Sept through a friend who recommended Dave. Best thing I ever did! Passed my test yesterday with only a few minors thanks to Dave making the lessons so relaxed, easy and enjoyable. Great laugh, top bloke." – Josie, York

"Dave Dickinson is a great driving instructor, who is an easy going person and is very patient.  I enjoyed my time in the car with him and could talk very easily to him. Using him as an instructor meant that I could develop my driving skills to a level that is expected.  I would recommend anyone looking to drive to go with Dave Dickinson School of motoring." Billy, South Bank 

"Just to say special thank you for putting up with me for so long.  Your advice and teaching has been invaluable to me.  Thank you so much." Liam, Poppleton 

"Dave was recommended by a friend (who'd passed 1st time) and it did not take me long to see why.  As many others have mentioned Dave is patient and provides a calming influence as well as having useful skills to be able to tell when you need to push and when you need to take a step back. Many thanks." Adrian, Fulford

"Cheers for everything Dave.  Really enjoyed the lessons and chatting about F1! Will definitely be in touch about motorway lesson. First time pass, happy days." Rob, Knapton

"If you're looking to learn to drive don't look any further than here.  I have had the best driving experience and genuinely couldn't have asked for a better driving instructor.  Dave is one of the friendliest, calm and patient people I have ever met.  Along with being a great laugh!  I enjoyed every single lesson without fail.  Today, I passed my driving test first time and it's safe to say I couldn't have done it without Dave's support.  I will miss seeing him every week very much. " Lydia, Acomb

''Well I've finally calmed down, just want to say thank you for everything, I wouldn't have passed if it wasn't for you.'' Kelly, Acomb

''Two years ago I had been learning to drive where I lived in Leeds.  I had failed my test 3 times and then totally lost my confidence.  I then stopped driving due to insufficient funds.  After moving to York I decided I really needed to get driving again.  I emailed some instructions in the area and Dave replied.  In February 2014 I began lessons on a Saturday morning; Dave was very flexible with me due to having no childcare in the week.  Week after week I slowly began to get my confidence back and Dave asked me to book my test.  I took my test in October 2014 and was really nervous throughout and was sure I’d failed.  When the examiner said PASS I was so shocked.  I am thoroughly grateful for the help and support Dave gave me and for making me confident enough to drive again.  I would fully recommend him to anyone who is wanting to learn to drive, thanks Dave'' Tanya, Acomb

"Could not have asked for a more patient, approachable instructor. Dave has great sense of humour which made every lesson enjoyable and helped ease the nerves that had prevented me from learning to drive sooner. He was flexible and reliable, helping me fit lessons between varying shifts, ultimately giving me the confidence to take my test even sooner than I'd hoped. Thanks for everything Dave! Thanks again" Sarah, Acomb 

"Hey Dave thanks for everything, I enjoyed every lesson, top man, great sense of humour, would recommend you every time.  You’re so easy to understand and take lessons from.  Thanks for everything, class driving instructor." Claire, Acomb  

"Thanks Dave for your teaching over the last few months.  Thank you for raising my confidence and enabling me to pass my test.  I will constantly have you reminding me to be steady and not flap." Hannah, Heworth

"Quality driving tuition with a top bloke, highly recommended, cheers Dave, thanks for all your help." Joe, Holgate

"I was recommended to use Dave by a friend who was using him and they said he was really good and I m so glad I listened to them and booked lessons with Dave.  He is patient and has a great knowledge and he's also a great guy and I enjoyed each and every lesson as we always had a laugh while learning at the same time.  Would recommend him to anyone, cheers Dave." Luke, Acomb

"Thank you so much Dave for all the help you gave me to pass my driving test today. Never thought I would be able to do it! Thank you for been patient with me, you have been a fab instructor and I couldn't have asked for better." Christina, Acomb - May 2014


"Dave is a superb instructor. He is calm, patient and has an attitude that fills you with confidence. Thanks to his instruction I passed first time with no minors. I would definitely recommend him to anybody wanting to learn." Simon, Leeman Road - March 2014

"Dave is an excellent instructor.  He has the patience, knowledge and reassurance to help make your lesson a positive and enjoyable step into driving.  He gives you the right attitude towards the test and future safe driving.  I have no reason not to recommend him to family and friends." Andy, York - April 2014 (pass with no minors)

"I started learning to drive and chose to go with a large company but they weren't very good so i decided to change instructor. My friend recommended Dave to me as he had taught him. I started my lessons with him he was totally different to my previous instructor, he always made me feel at ease, always managed to fit my lessons in around my shift work, was easy to talk to, patient and gain for a laugh. I would highly recommend Dave to anyone. I am enjoying driving around in my new car and feeling confident, knowing i have been taught by an excellent teacher. Thanks Dave for all your help." Mark, York - April 2014

"Me and my brother both used Dave for our driving instructor and both passed first time! My brother Tom had a very good experience with Dave, no problems at all! Passed first time with only 2 minors! I therefore had no hesitation to start learning with Dave! I passed first time with 5 minors and had a very smooth and relaxing experience with Dave who made me feel at ease behind the wheel! I would hands down recommend Dave to anyone hoping to start learning to drive! A very nice guy who is relaxed and calm In all situations! Thanks very much Dave!" Sam, Poppleton - February 2014

"Dave is a delightful man, thorough driving instructor, offers support and guidance but always there if you need a laugh. Creates a comfortable atmosphere and makes you well prepared for your test. Would recommend him to anyone! One of the best memories I'll take with me in the future. Forever a friend. Cheers Dave!!!! Xxx" Izzy, Knapton - March 2014

 "I've heard quite a few horror stories from my friends about their driving instructors,  unfriendly,  impatient, late and unreliable. Dave is the absolute opposite,  friendly, understanding,  patient and 100% reliable. But on top of all that the lessons with him are fun. Dave, I really enjoyed our lessons thank you for getting me through the test and never losing patients with me." Lisa, York - February 2014

"Dave is truly one of the most patient, kind and genuine people I have ever met and stuck by me 100%, he has not only taught me to drive but has helped me to conquer my anxiety.  Learning to drive and passing my test has changed mine and children's life's forever and I wouldn't have wanted anyone else by my side.  Thank you for the laughs and good times Dave you will be missed. We did it!" Bethany, Acomb - February 2014

"Dave's instructions are very clear and lessons were always good fun.  He is brilliant at building confidence and I would highly recommend him to anyone! Thanks again Dave" Marcy, Acomb - January 2014

 "It is not possible to recommend Dave enough, even were I to wander round York city center with a sandwich-board that said ‘Dave is amazing’. What sets him apart is that he not only understands driving but he understands people. He hits the perfect balance of quality teaching, fantastic sense of humor, encouragement and kicks up the backside when necessary. He genuinely cares about his pupils and not just churning them through their test and taking their money. I could go on for hours but everyone would get bored so I won’t. I can’t thank you enough Dave and I will miss our lessons so much!" Jayne, Acomb - December 2013

"David Dickinson's school of motoring was brilliant. Just what you need when learning to drive patience, understanding and encouragement Dave never lets you down, is always flexible and it's just a great environment to learn in! I highly recommend that if you’re thinking of learning it drive give Dave a call and he will be more than happy to assist! Can't thank you enough Dave cheers!" Dan, Chapelfields, York - December 2013

"A hugh hugh thank you for my wonderful driving lessons.  I was so apprehensive and nervous about learning, but you've been brilliant and I was even enjoying driving by the time I passed. All the very best Dave" Kate, York - November 2013

“I think you cannot go wrong with Dave as your instructor. Professional, enthusiastic, patient and encouraging, but most importantly will make you feel confident. Dave was a great choice in my opinion; his ability and knowledge of his car, roads and DSA procedures made me feel comfortable to drive, and he was there every step of the way. He will go at your own pace and reassure you if you need to question anything, in the friendliest manner. Being an independent driving school too, he will be more committed to your learning and progress, in comparison to larger company driving schools. Overall, Dave is the best driver at an affordable price you can get in York.” Richard, York - October 2013 

"I found Dave Dickinson to be an excellent instructor.  He is very patent, calm and a friendly character.  I was fully confident and well prepared to take my test, which thanks to his hard work I passed first time.  I would recommend him to anyone. Many thanks Dave." Becky, Poppleton - October 2013 "Dave is very professional and easy to get on with, every lesson with Dave is very satisfying as every lesson I learnt something new, gaining more skills and gained a lot more confidence.  His very happy and witty nature made learning how to drive easy and fun.  Dave gave me the confidence boost I needed to pass and become a calm safe driver.  I'm very thankful and I would definitely recommend Dave, he is the best!" Laura, York - September 2013

"Dave is a very intelligent, friendly and above all patient instructor - as well as good company for conversation and witty banter! My main issues whilst learning to drive were keeping my concentration and focus on what I was doing, which over time meant I felt maybe I just wasn't cut out to drive. But with Dave there to support me and show me how driving should be done properly I managed to see it through to pass first time around - thanks to his own calm & supportive style of teaching. I feel it fair to say I genuinely might not have made it without his kind of guidance & tuition. You couldn't want for a better Instructor. Thanks again Dave!" Peter, Woodthorpe - July 2013

"The best thing I did was switching to Dave after getting nowhere with my previous instructor.  Felt really calm and relaxed throughout my lessons and never felt rushed.  After passing on my 2nd time Dave made me feel really comfortable and less stressed.  I would most highly recommend Dave to my friends and family.  Thank you so much for everything, see you on the road!"  Fran, Acomb - July 2013

"Overall, it is nigh on impossible to describe my time with the Dave Dickinson School of Driving as anything short of an outstanding learning experience and an absolute joy. Dave is one of the most dedicated individuals I know and this quality is reflected in all aspects of his instructing. He is punctual, enthusiastic, highly knowledgeable and above all, patient. Having such patience is essential for teaching in what can often be a daunting and stressful environment and it payed off in every single lesson I had. Dave was calm, collected and knew how to deal best with all situations we encountered, whilst also being able to engage in all sorts of humorous conversations, which I will no doubt miss. Despite every hour I spent learning being thoroughly enjoyable and entertaining, Dave's encyclopaedic knowledge of the DSA's testing procedures allowed me to gain the skills I needed to past my test on the very first attempt. You may find cheaper driving instruction elsewhere in large franchise based systems, but I guarantee you will not find better value to quality teaching in the country! From refining gear changes on urban drives, to tricky reversing man-oeuvres, this school of motoring has it covered in a secure, comfortable and utterly friendly environment. I look back fondly on the seven months I spent learning with Dave, and I would recommend him time and time again." Jamie, Poppleton - May 2013

"Dave is the best driving instructor in York!  Having driving lesson with Dave is always such a pleasure. He is fun and has a great positive attitude. He will encourage you and cheer you up when you have a bad driving day. Dave is not only has great knowledge on driving skills, he is also a great teacher. He has so many great tips. He is also up to date with the newest technology, his videos in ipad are really helpful! Plus, Dave's car is always clean with pleasant smell, which is really important I think ;-)

I couldn't say thank you enough, Dave! Take care and I will book some pass plus lessons soon!" Olive, South Bank - April 2013

 "Having failed 2 tests as a teenager, been in a big car accident and lost a relative in a car accident its safe to say I was feeling nervous about trying to learn to drive again. Dave did a great job of making me feel at ease and getting my confidence back. The lessons were enjoyable and informative and taught me everything I needed to know about good driving. Dave is professional but very relational and excellent at teaching you how to drive! He helped me enter my test with confidence, without being too nervous and helped put my mind at ease... and I passed! Thank you Dave!" Sarah, Askham Lane - April 2013

"Dave is the best!  I thoroughly enjoyed learning to drive with him, and looked forward to having my lesson with him every week.  He's patient, funny, trustworthy, encouraging and supportive.  I passed first time and highly recommend Dave to anyone who is searching for a driving instructor.  Thanks Again Dave!" Rachael, Beckfield Lane - February 2013 

"I thoroughly enjoyed learning to drive with Dave.  Patient, friendly, trustworthy, kind and encouraging, I felt at ease in every lesson.  I highly recommend to anyone who is searching for an instructor" Sarah, York - January 2013

'Our daughter passed her driving test first time, with 1 minor, on 1st November 2012. Dave can take all the credit for this, as she wasn't on our car insurance, so learnt entirely through lessons with Dave. She always looked forward to and enjoyed her lessons, as well as finding them really helpful. She was very nervous the night before and the day of her test, but Dave did a really good job of calming her down in her lesson before the test. Thanks Dave, for making this a fun and successful process.' Jo, York - November 2012

"I'm the kind of person with a lot of psychological hang-ups, who frets and dwells on things a lot, on top of being quite a lot older than most learner drivers, therefore obstinate, self-opinionated, you name it :o) - enough to, erm, drive a driving instructor up the wall in no time. But not Dave! He's been incredibly patient and supportive throughout my good and not-so-good lessons, leading to a pass with just two minors (this afternooooon!!). I've been teaching for 17 years and doing research into the psychology of teaching for 5 years, and I can say with no reservation that Dave has the right combination of knowledge, experience, determination, patience and understanding of human nature, empathy and sense of humour to make him the perfect driving instructor. Consider yourself lucky if you've got a chance to take driving lessons with him!!" Florentina, Acomb - August 2012 

'Dave is an extremely kind and approachable person, and above all is an excellent driving instructor.  After failing a driving test in Scotland, I began lessons with Dave in York and this summer managed to pass with only 1 minor.  Dave was always patient and always very supportive in the car and confident in my ability to control it! I miss going driving with Dave, and would definitely recommend him to everyone.  Thanks for your help!' Kirsty, York University, July 2012 

"Dave is an excellent instructor.  He is always calm and patient and is able to impart knowledge in a clear, understandable way.  His lesson prices are very good and he is extremely flexible, always on time, with good communication.  Overall, I would say that Dave offers fantastic value for money and would recommend him to anyone." Anthony, Acomb - June 2012

“I really enjoyed my lessons with Dave, he was a great instructor and encouraged me all the way through and really helped me build up confidence in driving, thanks to him I managed to pass my test first time with only 3 minors.  Thank you so much Dave." Rebecca, Stockton Lane - June 2012

"Dave is a great instructor.  He is patient and is very good at making even those who are not confident in their abilities become great drivers.  His teaching is very well paced and before you know it you are ready to take your test.  I passed first time and would highly recommend Dave."  David, Fulford - May 2012

"Dave Dickinson is a calm and thorough instructor with infinite patience.  I had every confidence in his ability to teach me well and sure enough, I passed my test first time.  His lessons are delivered in a relaxed and friendly manner and I would recommend him to anyone straight away!"  Isaac, Poppleton - May 2012

"Dave is the most patient and understanding instructor I have ever met. He is extremely helpful and uses diagrams to illustrate what you are going to do. He also lets you in on some tips to know when to turn during your man-oeuvres which I found to be extremely useful! His lessons always have a purpose and you come out of them feeling like you have learnt something. Time flies between teaching, driving, and having a good laugh. But on the odd chance that you had a bad day Dave knows how to keep you calm with his words of wisdom. Thanks to Dave I passed my driving test the first time I took it. I would recommend these lessons in a heartbeat!" Susana, York - April 2012

"Had a great time learning to drive with Dave.  He was always flexible with time to make it fit with my needs.  The lessons where a good laugh at times.  He managed to keep me calm even when I was having a bad day.  Thank you for taking the time Dave.  Going to miss the banter!" Mark, York - March 2012

"Dave is a great driving instructor and really easy to get on with.  I passed with no minors! Cheers Dave" Sam, Holgate Road - February 2012

"Dave is an excellent instructor.  He is always punctual, will arrange lessons to suit your timetable and has patience and understanding.  I strongly recommend Dave to anyone wishing to learn to drive." Dom, York - February 2012

"Dave made every lesson something to look forward to, and made all situations relaxed and not terrifying!  A first time pass with only two minors, couldn't have asked for more - Legend!" Tom, Poppleton - November 2011

"Dave is a fantastic driving instructor, didn't think anyone would get me through my test!  Would recommend Dave to anyone especially those struggling as Dave is very patient and makes it easy to learn.  Cheers Dave I wouldn't of passed without your help." Natalie, Acomb - October 2011

"Dave has been an amazing driving instructor. Every lesson was enjoyable and fun and he was always patient and understanding if I made any mistakes. His sense of humour made it so easy to get along with him (even if some of his jokes could use some work...) and he was always reliable and on time. After passing with just 3 minors, I really miss my lessons with Dave and wouldn't hesitate to recommend him to anyone! Thanks so much Dave!" Lauren, Knapton - October 2011

"Good value lessons which fitted around my work and I passed 1st time.  Thanks Dave" Zac, Acomb - September 2011

"Dave is quality, he made me feel really confident with my driving and I use to look forward to every lesson with him!  He's really easy to get along with and always good fun!  I passed with NO minors so that shows how good an instructor he is!!"  Joe, RAF Linton-on-Ouse - September 2011

"Dave is an absolutely amazing instructor, there wasn't one single lesson that I didn't look forward to with him! From my very first lesson I knew it was going to be easy to get along with him as he is very approachable and most of all reliable. He also helped a lot with my confidence throughout all my lessons and I passed my Practical Test with just 2 minors thanks to his approach to teaching. Overall an excellent driving instructor who you can trust in any situation, there's no one better!" Will, Windmill Rise, Holgate

"Dave is a top class instructor. I enjoyed every lesson with him. He is reliable, friendly, so easy to get on with and has a great sense of humour. My confidence soon grew because of his very patient and relaxed tuition. Thanks to his fab teaching I passed my test first time with just three minors. Thanks Dave You’er A Legend!" Rich, Beckfield Lane

"I was really nervous starting driving with a new instructor, but Dave relaxed me straight away and I have thoroughly enjoyed having lessons with him. He is a brilliant teacher and really puts you first, thanks." Rachael, Beckfield Lane, York

"Dave is a fab driving instructor. Starting off as a complete beginner I passed my test after 7 month first time with only 2 minors. During which Dave made me feel comfortable and more confident each week. He is reliable and on time and taught me in a clear and friendly manner. Sophie, Acomb

"Good, reliable instructor, I passed 1st time!" Dan, Bishopthorpe, York

"Dave is a friendly, patient and very reliable instructor. He's an excellent teacher and he made sure that I got as much as possible out of every lesson. Lessons were thoroughly enjoyable and very much value for money. I'd definitely recommend him to friends and family. Thanks Dave." Claire, Haxby Road.

"Dave was a brilliant teacher, the only one out of 4 that I could actually work with! He made me feel very confident in driving and made me believe in myself. Very patient and helpful! 5/5" Sarah, York

"A big, big thank you to Dave for all his guidance, encouragement and help towards passing my driving test and for making each lesson so enjoyable. Dave has such a calm, reassuring manner that he immediately makes you feel relaxed and at ease. He gives you belief in yourself, builds your confidence and is always willing to answer any queries or worries you may have. Nothing is too much trouble. I found that each of Dave's lessons were well structured so I always came away knowing that I had learnt something new or improved some area of my driving. I have no hesitation in recommending Dave as a driving instructor. He provides a quality service, is value for money and has a wonderful sense of humour!" Janet, Ashbourne Way, York

"Dave is a fantastic driving instructor and I would highly recommend him to anybody. I was initially very nervous about learning to drive but I soon ended up really looking forward to my driving lessons because they were such a laugh. Dave is very reliable and always extremely calm and patient, he helped me to improve without ever putting me in a situation where I felt out of my depth and I passed my test first time." Sophie, Poppleton, York

"As I had not driven for many years, yet still holding a current driving licence, I enrolled for a refresher course with Dave. I found that his patient, calm manner and teaching skills have greatly improved my driving ability. I would highly recommend him as a driving instructor" Mrs M W Rowbottom, Acomb, York

"I was very nervous learning to driving and never really enjoyed the experience until I starting learning with Dave. He is an excellent instructor who makes you feel relaxed and confident. He is very friendly and approachable and will always be available if you feel you need to ask anything. I have very much enjoyed learning to drive with Dave and believe no other instructor is as good as learning to drive with Dave Dickinson School of Motoring! Thanks for all your support Dave in helping me learn to drive and pass my driving test. Keep up your good work." Katie, Sunningdale York.

“When I was learning to drive with Dave it was a very relaxed and comfortable environment to learn in, everything was explained well I was able to have regular lessons at a range of times, some as late as 8 pm. I really enjoyed learning with Dave, thank you." Ollie, Copmanthorpe.

"Dave Dickinson has taught me how to drive well as I passed my test first time. He is a good instructor and easy to get on with. The lessons were good value and enjoyable as I did something different each lesson. The hand outs that were given to me did help a fair bit. I would also advise anyone to go with Dave Dickinson, as I said he is a good instructor and I would just like to say thanks to you for everything." Matty, Acomb

"Dave taught me a lot of things about driving that I previously did not know. He is not only patient but also very professional and helped me pass my test. Now I can drive freely knowing that I have been taught by a very good teacher. I would highly recommend him to anyone and above all I will miss my meetings with him. Keep up the excellent work Dave and God bless you. My money was well spent." Leslie, Acomb

"Dave Dickinson School of Motoring is a highly recommendable instructor, he is patient with individuals learning progress, and builds up their confidence in their own skills by focusing on what needs to be improved, whilst pointing out the skills they already have. For me, Dave built up my skills and confidence in myself allowing me to pass my test first time. Anyone who is considering learning to drive would be in good hands with this instructor." Kathleen Ingleby, Acomb 

"I really enjoyed my lessons with Dave. I improved quickly and he gave me great advice for my test. I would recommend Dave as he made me feel at ease and made the lessons fun!" Amy, York

 "Dave is a brilliant instructor, I had failed my test with a different instructor a few years ago and Dave helped me build my confidence up and got me to a level where I was ready to pass my test......I ended up with just 2 minors! Highly recommended. Thanks Dave." Luke, York 


"Thank you so much Dave, you taught me so well and I passed first time. Come on the open road! Thanks again." Lee, York